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Sapphire 07: Stable Agility, Web 2.0 Everywhere

This morning’s keynote from Henning Kagermann was a reprise of SAP’s general idea of: hey, business is moving fast, you need agility, you want stability… SAP (and NetWeaver, specifically) is the solid foundation for all of this…

Check out my note along these lines from SAP TechEd 06 for the general idea and commentary. Sure, I have respect for the stability of this plan, but there’s not a lot to re-hash since last time.

There was a nice mix-in of Enterprise 2.0 features, funneling some of the * 2.0 think from Hasso’s talk yesterday. I’m beginning to think that “Web 2.0” is set to be the “SOA” for this year and upcoming years: required marketecture (at least!) in every slide deck.

To reprise my own dead horse, the biggest concern I have with large plans on long schedules is that by the time they come out, we’ll be asking “where the Web 4.0 features.” Jeff Nolan has a good slant on this whole concern.

Backing up and being fair, enabling that rapid development is sort of the whole point of SAP ERP 6.0, so, hey, maybe I’m off base here.

Here’s my notes from the key-note:


Update: Dan Farber has a nice post of the demo’ed * 2.0 stuff mentioned above.

Disclaimer: SAP paid my travel and expenses for Sapphire.

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  1. hi, michael. we're the little company up in the mountains who developed the "customrconnect" app for SAP. i wonder if i could request a tiny change in your most excellent blog.

    the app is based on the "cooshoo" engine and is called "customrconnect" (with on "r"). the emphasis was meant to be on the *custom* and *connect* part. guess we fell a little short on that one, eh? perhaps "customrconnect by" would be more appropriate? any chance you could make some kind of notation of this in your cool .pdf?

  2. Jim B: no problem. The PDF should be updated.

  3. I've been using mind maps for years! It's my strong opinion that SAP should use them more and more!!

    As a senior SAP project manager, I've adapted / designed mind maps for almost the complete ASAP methodology. Now, with collaboration tools available, the whole team, client and consulting, can join in the fun!

    Mind Manager 8 is recommended, but I use others, as well!

    David EFebruary 11, 2009 @ 9:00 am

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