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dorkbot, barcamp, and laptop deathmatch


Last night the family in town, Kim, Sarah, and I checked out the SXSW dorkbot setup in Brushy Park. On the main stage, several folks played their robotic/electric music, like playing off a pile of samples from video games. Free beer was available, and there were stacks of Make magazine.

Afterwards, we ran into a passel of people — online and offline friends — at barcamp Austin. There was a panel on the software the Austin Time Exchange has coded and has been using. People like Facebook, Opera, and it seems like every other company under the roof at Bourbon Rocks bought several rounds of drinks. Earlier in the day Microsoft opened up a $1,000 bar tab.

More importantly, I got to meet several people I’ve gotten to know on Twitter like Erica, Kelsey, and also catch up with other people like Tyler. And, I also ran into Fred Johannessen and his son, the second out for his 21st birthday.

Afterwards, Kim, Sarah, and I headed off to the AMODA laptop deathmatch at Mohawk, which was quite awesome:


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  1. I wouldn't mind getting one, but they never said how much it's going to be? Not cheap I bet.

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