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Adobe Engage: Keeping up Real-time with Technorati and Twitter

During flash-backs to my eShopping days in the mid-90’s while someone shows off using Flex/Flash/Apollo for clothing sales, I’ve been keeping up with other people’s reactions to Adobe Engage.

For blogs, we have a simple search in Technorati: Adobe Engagle.

And then there’s Twitter. While it’s great for ongoing commentary, the way other and I are using it calls out for ad hoc channel/room/topic creation in Twitter. I’d like someway to see all of the tweats from people on the topic of Adobe Engage.

Maybe adding tags to comments? I don’t know. There’s a fine line Obvious has to walk between spoiling the splendid simplicity of Twitter and making it a good replacement for IRC and Campfire.

Even search would be nice. (Am I just missing that?)

Disclaimer: RedMonk has a commercial relationship with Adobe.

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  1. I don’t think Ev and co really want to take it in that direction Cote, nor do I personally want to see it go there myself. Tagging *might* be okay as an adhoc way of forming conversations, but I don’t think it would really work for the im or sms interfaces.

  2. I pretty much agree with what you’re saying, Danno…but I still want to use Twitter in someway like that. It brings value to me at least, and it’s not the IRC ghetto I’ve thus far used.

    I have no idea what the solution is.

  3. Iess is more sometimes? i am of the opinion that even though it tastes like irc, i was a big fan of irc and still occasionally visit it. it has it’s foibles, and maybe that’s what gives it some character in these 2.0 clean and sterile days. i’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement these types of features, but at what cost? twitter is pretty open as far as, well, it’s public timeline (non-public posts seem to miss the point). anyone or anything can capture what’s happening in near-real-time and i’m sure come up with some clever tools or adjuncts. as far as tags, and conversations, i added the timeline to google reader and it’s easy to imagine unlimited history, search and tagging outside of twitter itself. i haven’t done anything with it, nor do i know if i would, but i think for now should be left pretty much alone and enjoy what audience it has and vice versa.

    stevievepFebruary 28, 2007 @ 5:41 am
  4. I tend to agree with the core statements above: I’m not sure things would go well if Twitter were Tweaked more. Instead, as stevievep points out, other tools that provide the desired functionality would be nice.

Continuing the Discussion

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