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Best Customer Service Experience of the Week: Victorinox

Conference Stuffed Bag

Last year Kim bought me a Victorinox Swiss Army laptop bag (the
“Wainwright”). It’s by far the best laptop bag I’ve ever had, meeting the sweet spot between several critera:

  • It looks professional without being overly professional, e.g., leather.
  • It travels well: it’s durable (with the below exception) and just small enough without being too small.
  • It’s got lots of pockets and doo-dads, like the magnet closing “stash pocket” which I use all the time and the hidden zipper on the back that opens up so you can slide the bag on the handle of your wheely-enabled luggage.

Tragically, the little clasp things on the strap broke a few months ago — one after the other. So I’ve been using it with the strap at it’s maximal length for a month or so, which is quick annoying for all the walking around I do when on the road.

So, I called up their customer service to see about ordering a new strap. After about 20 seconds I got a live person (at 2PM CST), explained the problem, gave them my address, and now they’re shipping a new strap, free of charge and covered by warranty. She didn’t even (as far as I know) look up any account info. Just ship the man a new strap!

Man, that just makes my afternoon: consumerism working ;>

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3 Responses

  1. I love when companies make due on their promises — i guess in the end that whole sentiment sounds ridiculous. In reality though, it is impressive when a brand like "Swiss Amry" replaces something that broke, which again they should just do anyways.

    As a side note, I love my Crumpler bag: hasn't let me down yet and has lived through a lot of:

    hard times = Dublin * 3 + Hong_Kong + Bangkok * 2 + India * 2 + Paris_France + Las Vegas * 3 + San Francisco * 2 + New York *(infinity) + (Chicago * 2) + whereis("Dan");

  2. you didn't get the Patagonia One Bag? you and i are going to have words 😉

  3. Dan: I think the reality is that we expect consumer companies to be little better than pirates with lipstick when it comes to giving us, rather than taking away, anything from us. So, it’s of course pleasantly shocking when something Works In Our Favor.
    sog: we’ll put that on the queue next to “shaving with bar soap” 😉