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RedMonk Test Shirts in

RedMonk Test Shirts from GoodStorm

I finally got the RedMonk t-shirts from Good Storm in. Much to my delight, the “fitted” shirt is from American Apparel (there’s no guarantee of how “work friendly” their site will be at any given time, so travel forth at your own risk if you’re at the 9-5). As a good Vice (same disclaimer applies) subscriber, I’m of course primed to think that American Apparel is the bestest on-shoring t-shirting possible.

Anyhow, with that note — and yes, they do have shirts for the ladies — I’ll be sending out shirts soon. GoodStorm took sometime to get the shirts to me, so no guarantee on how long it’ll take to get to those quick enough to have gotten in to the Free RedMonk Schwag bucket. If you’re out of the bucket, you can always make your own bucket ;>

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