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OpenAjax Membership

As you can see from the OpenAjax page, RedMonk is now a member of OpenAjax, with me being the representative on the Marketing Committee.

To be frank, the primary reason I wanted to join was to help out because I like Ajax and I want to see it advanced and (even more) standardized. While I no longer really have the bandwidth to help out technically, I thought I could be helpful in a marketing capacity.

If you’ve followed my other, personal podcast,, you’ll know that Charles and I have talked about and through his use of Ajax for the past two years in almost every episode. Indeed, the Ajax-driven company Charles and his partners formed over those two years, The FrontSide is a member of OpenAjax as well, as is Finetooth where another one of my friends, ScottD!, works.

Now, as Jon Ferraiolo and others were sure to work out, my intention in joining OpenAjax isn’t to “spy” and suck in info. From the beginning, my goal has been to help out and contribute instead of just lurk. Along those lines, I of course won’t be disclosing things that should be kept under-wraps. But that should go without saying ;>

So, thanks to Jon and the rest of the Steering Committee for approving the membership. I hope I can start being helpful ;>

Disclaimer: IBM, Adobe, Eclipse, Sun, and Scalix — all members of OpenAjax — are clients.

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2 Responses

  1. Do you think that all AJAX components should also ascribed to either adhering to existing microformats or create new ones?

  2. My first reaction is: microformats are about data, where as Ajax is about action/behavior. Thus, I'm not sure there'd be an extremely tight bond between microformats and Ajax

    You could jiggle those around a lot — wrapping action in meta-data, which is then data: microformat! — but I'd at first try to stick to that separation.

    Personally, I'm a little leery of "declarative programming" after the XML-gorging of last 5 years.

    That said, maybe there's something super-cool I'm totally missing about a stronger connection between representing Ajax components as microformats.

    Is there?