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Un-hijacking a Domain Name?

A couple of of my domain names ( and is being used by a spammer for the From: and/or Reply-to: field. Hence, get a lot of “Mail undeliverable” and other (to me) annoying crap replies from the spammers victims.

Is there some way to “fix” this, or am I just totally porked?

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  1. Cote,

    Love the podcast(s).

    Same thing happened to me. From what I read, the only thing you can do is set an SPF record in your DNS. This will tell servers that receive e-mail from to only accept mail from the IP of your mail server and not any other IPs. The only problem with that is many e-mail servers don't recognize or check the SPF records. But it's better than nothing.


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  3. Is that an ironic post? Nice pictures. As they say, “I don’t really have much to say.”

  4. My ISP has an email address called nospam@… where I can forward all the mails not explicitly addressed to me. Brutal, but it works.

  5. Ahh beaten to it. Yes … SPF is the way to go. Not perfect but it helps.
    You could point your ‘Catch all’ to /dev/null but then you might miss a real mail or two:)

    With SPF you have to set up all servers you will allow mail from. For example if you use gmail to send mail you need to add that one too.


  6. You can define a rule that looks for bounces and deletes them so that manual work isn’t required. I doubt SPF will matter in terms of volume. Most spammers will rotate through addresses so this is only temporary.

    Other than that, if you figure out how to get your address included in spam filters, the rotation will happen quicker. Of course this means that any real email you send will also be trapped.

  7. Thanks for all the advice and tips! Thinking through it more, I’ll probably just setup a rule to delete most “Mail Undeliverable” things that don’t have the proper from or reply to address. Given what sounds like the unreliability of the SPF thing, that seems like the best option.