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links for 2006-12-21

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  1. Does MIDPath work with BEA JRockit?

  2. Hey Cote,
    I picked up something Dan Farber wrote on this and added my 2 cents.

    Suffice it to say "On Demand" in this case is not limited to Software-as-a-Service, but also includes hosting and other stuff.

    The original press release Oracle did on this was in response to announcing 61K net new subs.

  3. James: I dunno.
    Mark: thanks for the link!

  4. MIDPath works by combining the best of all (L)GPL(+Exception) worlds (Sun PhoneME, GNU Classpath, Cacao, JamVM and/or Kaffe). Only that combination works at this time. BEA JRockit could probably be made to work easily if only it was also available under the GPL (hint, hint, …)

  5. Thanks for the reply, Mark!