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Urbancode's AntHill

Yesterday I talked with Maciej Zawadzki, President of Urbancode about their build system, AntHillPro. I contacted them for research on my continuous build work. And a big thanks goes out to how quickly Maciej responded and setup a meeting.

It turns out, of course, that AntHill does quite a bit more than continuous builds; you’d expect that of course from a commercial product when things like CruiseControl and many other continuous build tools are available for free.

Having worked in a large company that build it’s own, similar, multi-tenent build tool for versioning builds, monitoring builds, and providing a repository for builds I can see how something like AntHill would be useful. There’s, of course, enterprisey features like security (even password masking in logs), reports, and plenty of meta-data generated for auditing.

It’ll be nice to compare to BuildForge once I finish lining up a call with the Rational folks.

Here’s the raw notes:


Disclaimer: IBM is a client.

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