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Re: Agile Build Tools?

As a few of you have found out by way of my pestering this afternoon, I’m working more on the Agile build tools note I mentioned a little while back.

I spent most of this afternoon fleshing out a list, gathering some “what do you think” comments from people, and sending off a few requests for more discussions. Thanks to all who took out some time to respond, and thanks to those who left comments on my last post on the topic.

Here’s my raw notes at this point:


I’ll keep ya’ll updated.

Disclaimer: IBM, mentioned in the notes via BuildForge, is a client.

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2 Responses

  1. Looks a little clumpy. I’d like to see correlations between the tools and their concerns.

    What are the little Firefox symbols? Links?

  2. Those are links, Danno.
    You’re spot on about the concerns, I’l have to get that.
    The agile build note is bogging down a bit, so I might just write up a short note and work on a longer item for later.