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The Return of the PowerBook

PowerBook back!

I got the PowerBook back this morning. I’m so happy, it’s kinds of weirding me out.

The over-all experience was a-OK: I dropped it off at the local Apple store last Tuesday and the “Genius” was quite helpful and prompt. The problem was that the AC plug — where you plug the power in to charge the battery — was being spotty: I’d have to jiggle it constantly to get it to charge the battery.

Thanks to AppleCare, I’ve had to pay nothing. Otherwise, according to the invoice I got, I’d have had to pay around $320. The warranty gamble paid off for me.

And, yes, the problem is fixed ;>

So, while several people seem to be having problems with the new MacBooks, this laggard is doing good. It’s tragic that Apple is having problems with the new breed of laptops.

How Was the ThinkPad?

For Churbuck’s, and Number One Lenovo Salesdog, Auggie’s benefit: using my wife’s ThinkPad for a week was fine. In fact, I’d say the ThinkPad itself is great, it’s the Windows XP that I hate. If it weren’t for XP on the ThinkPad, I’d say the ThinkPad platform was almost as good as using OS X on my 12″ PowerBook, and that’s saying a lot coming from an Apple-fanboy like me ;> (I realize, as Simon pointed out, that I could put Ubuntu on there: Kim, my wife likes/needs [for MSFT Small Business VPN, Office, etc.] XP however so I didn’t want to afflict even a dual-boot system on her.)

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  1. Do you think that Ubuntu would be as good as the OSX experience? Perhaps better than XP, yes, but that is not really saying much.