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Tagcloud Mashup…?

I have a long list of “little web application”/JavaScript include composites I’d like to write. One that’s painfully rared it’s head a lot recently is something that would create a tag cloud out of all the tag-silos I send tags down: flickr,, Technorati (via tags in this blog), and other tag-enabled sites like

Usually, these sites have their own tag-cloud “wdigets” (JavaScript includes), but I haven’t come across one that sucks in tags from all those sources and then presents a view along the lines of “Coté’s Tags.”

The first, perhaps core, problem would be figuring out where to go when you click on a tag. For example, I tag a lot of things in all places with “sysmgmt” (short for “systems management”). How would you display all the links in, Technorati/blog, and flickr (yes, there’s plenty in there)? More than likely, you’d have another page that listed them side-by-side…and then things start getting more complex than just a simple JavaScript include.

Oh lazy web! Please help me! ;>

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