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Systems Management 2.0 vs. The Big 4, a Presentation

Here’s the current version of the presentation. The frame running through it is a comparison of the Big 4 and the new crop of systems management vendors: what the new folks say about the old (FUD to the Big 4), the general characteristics of the new offerings, what’s missing, and areas for innovation in systems management. It’s not all technical either: the last section deals with one of my favorite topics, controlling the story. As I talk with more of the Big 4 on the topic, I’ll lace in the FUD they deploy.

While the overview isn’t at the tick-list level, it gives a good overview of what’s going on in systems management at the moment.

Last week I talked with one group for just under 3 hours on the topic: it sparked quite a bit of discussion in the room full of people.

It goes without saying that I’d relish any input you, dear readers, have. As I get more input and come across new things I’ll, of course, update the presentation. For example, I came across Klir Analytics today, which seems an obvious addition to the collaborative systems management (and maybe just general) section.

And, of course, if you’re interesting in hearing the talk, contact me ;>

As a meta-note, for those of you who make presentations, the flickr commercial community commons search is awesome. It’s the prime way I found most of the pictures in the presentation.

Disclaimer: several companies in the presentation are clients, as are some of the Big 4.

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