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From BarCampTexas 2006

I’m at BarCampTexas today. As things ramped up, I chatted with several people — Jay, Lindsey, and Brandon among others. The format so far has been one session after the other in the main room here at Elysium. No one’s been using the side area.

That said, there’s plenty of side discussions going on, esp. around the mechanics of barcamp. In that respect, the idea of the barcamp style unconference seems to be spreading even more than it already has.

The session have spanned low-level technical talks — like using XSLT and AJAX — but most of them have been higher level sorts of talks: SEO optimization, vlogging, UI design, and using WordPress as a platform for content management.

Unfortunately, the wifi access has been spotty. But, that seems to rarely work in ad hoc settings.

BarCampTexas continues into tomorrow at Triumph Cafe, but I won’t be able to make it due to house painting ;>

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