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Notes from Oracle Best Practices Workshop

I went to the half-day Oracle Best Practices Workshop this morning. Overall, I liked it quite a bit. It was a quick overview of the topics I picked: Oracle’s modernization services (in short, from mainframe to distributed systems and J[2]EE) and using Oracle Text for enterprise search.

I might have more to say on the search topic as it one of my personal favorites in the behind-the-firewall area. In sort, there’s a philosophic difference between Google’s “secure your apps” view of intranet search and everyone’s else’s “secure the search” views. There’s also some interesting and it would seem profitable “semantic web” action to be had behind-the-firewall. It’s funny, and tragic, how the constraint of a firewall changes so much about search.


Here are my notes on the sessions. If any of you, dear readers, are interested in more, I’ll be happy to write-up more on the topics.

I’ve been enjoying the half-day conferences that Oracle has been doing in Austin this year. I’m hoping I can track down other companies that do similar events. If you know of any, I’d love to hear about them.





Disclaimer: Oracle is a client via sleepycat.

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  1. Via sleppycat?

  2. Ah, "sleppycat"…thanks for the correction, I've fixed the typo 😉

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