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Agile 2006 Conference Podcasts

Just in case you haven’t noticed, The Agile Toolkit Podcast has been putting many of the sessions, keynotes, and interviews from the Agile 2006 conference. For example, there’s a recording of the “exec panel,” including the VP of the division I worked in at BMC, Israel Gat: it’ll be interesting to all your BPM people (current and former) people out there.

As I was discussing with Bill Higgins last week, it seems like there’s much more discussion of Agile-in-the-Large and Getting Real with Agile (to steal a title) going on of late than I’m used to finding. This is great: no process or box of thoughts is ever complete or perfect, and I’m excited that people are still working on the process instead of treating it as a static box of practices and truths.

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