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BarCampEarth, Aug. 25th-27th

Though I’ll be on vacation at the time, BarCampEarth is in a few weeks on August 25th to 27th. The “Earth” part means that there’s BarCamps going on simultanously all over the world. I’m sure all the geeks and dorks will figure out someway to wire them up real-time, and surely time-shifted. In my locale, there’s BarCampTexas which will be at the Thistle Cafe again.

I had a great time at the last BarCampAustin, and I’m sure this one will be even better. Meaning: you should go if you’re available.

As a side-note, one thing I’d wished we had at that last one was podcast recording. Someone was running around doing video recordings of several sessions, but I’ve yet to find any of those online. Point of this mention being: it’d sure be nice if someone(s) took it upon themselves to record some podcasts. As an offer — since I probably won’t be there to help out with other things — I have some excess upload bandwidth in my libsyn account that I could use to host them.

Update: I actually will be in town, so I’ll be there at least one of the days.

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