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Where's the Hosting?

I went comment trolling — looking at old, interesting posts on blogs to see if there were new comments — a bit this morning and found this great plea-comment from Stephen Hood asking why “doesn’t host Domino/Notes on a large scale”? on Ian Murdock’s blog:

Why IBM doesn’t host Domino/Notes on a large scale is beyond me. It’s not like they don’t have the hardware to do it. Given the potential market it would be a very “cheap” investment.

Indeed, we often wonder and suggest that ourselves, and not just with IBM. Hopefully it’s clear that, in general, RedMonk is big on hosted/SaaS deployment models. Speaking for myself, among the popular reasons, I’m enamored of those models because they allow the vendor (or “software provider”) to release more frequent updates than the current “big-bang” release cycles, giving their customers and users quicker access to new features. That said, Spiceworks showed earlier this week (as have many other apps) that you can do rapid released on packaged apps as well.

Of course, for the vendors, moving from a packaged culture of software development to the hosted culture is a huge leap. I know: I wouldn’t think so either, but all my experience and conversations point to that being the case.

Anyhow, back to Stephen’s questioning out-loud. When looking for more info on IBM’s hosting plans in response to Stephen’s comment, I came across this post (looks like James found it as well) which points to this post that looks like they’d be a good answers to Stephen’s questions. It looks exciting.

(As a side note, if you come across this, Stephen, is this you?)

Disclaimer: IBM is a client.

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