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RedMonk Radio Episode 16: SAP, Ubuntu Switchers, Cisco, and Appliances

In this episode, Steve, James, and Coté talk about:

  • SAP opening up
  • Switching to Ubuntu
  • Cisco’s Infrastructure Landgrab, Reactivity
  • Appliance Dreams

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2 Responses

  1. I don't think I ever said companies need to force upgrades, if I recall correctly I was distinguishing between Apple's willingness to break from their past to move ahead vs. Microsoft's insistence that every DOS program ever written run under Vista… and perhaps that's why Microsoft can't get an upgrade out on time. 🙂

    I actually do wonder how "enterprisey" I should be but the simple fact is that I'm really not all that much interested in enterprise software as it has existed, I am more interested in where it is going. I do think you are right to suggest that this would be unreasonable given that enterprise buyers are stuck in the here-and-now, but at the same time I have talked with enough CIOs to believe that they too think that enterprise software is a fundamentally broken model. This really isn't just about ondemand either, but that certainly is a major piece of it.

    Great podcast, I enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks for the compliments.
    I, of course, think that consumer tech is now in the driver’s seat for driving innovation in tech. In the past, of course, the military and government drove technology (the NASA and Nukes days), then big business (enterprise) did, and now it’s come down to consumer tech.