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OMC Getting Down to Bid'ness: Standard Interfaces

(Originally published on 06 June 2006, but reposted for server move.)

It’s started: the members of the OMC mailing list are mulling ironing out a standard, or at least a standard way to interface with their applications. The two threads of interest are Backend Format and the aptly titled Backend Format – 2, both started by Stanislav Ievlev, of ALT Linux.

So far, XML-RPC has been thrown around the most as a potential candidate: it’s out of the box data types take care of the design work for you, though they can be limiting for more complex data structures. And, as ever, there are security configuration concerns.

Now’s your chance to get involved with the OMC. I know several people are looking at opening up their systems management platforms. Having sent people to all sorts of WS-* and other committees with slow results in code, this could be the chance to find out how the emergent, open source world communities hash things out quickly and innovates.

For example, it’d be a good chance for BMC to make the jump from blog post to implementation. Any other of The Big 4 could do the same. In all cases, one of the head-honchos just needs to bless a developer-type to go out and make it happen ;>

Disclaimer: BMC is a client.

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