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Identity Podcast from Sun, The Passion of Whichard

“As entertaining as this has been, it will only get better…”

Check out the first episode of “Identity Management Buzz” with Brandon Whichard and Nick Crown. Here’s an Odeo page for the podcast.

While it’s definitly a pitch for Sun, they cover the idea that change in identity management (getting to the user-centric identity we all lust for) will have to come from a cultural shift, not a technical one.

We also hear one of Brandon’s favorite rants: those damn NIH developers ;> TCO for TCB, baby. And check the SXIP, OpenID, etc. talk ;>

I’ve known Brandon personally for many years (from back at BMC where he was an excellent product manager for PATROLExpress and it’s decedents), and this is a good slice of the extreme passion he has for software and enterprise software. I know it might sound weird to some folks to be passionate about it, but just listen: he really cares about this stuff. Every software company needs that kind of energy and passion in product management, it makes a world of difference.

Disclaimer: Sun is a client, and like I said, Brandon is a friend.

Update: Brandon sent me the list of all Sun podcasts.

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