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Travel Dates: Oracle Dev Day, JavaOne, TechEd

In an ongoing attempt to be declarative, here are some upcoming travel dates. As always, I love using traveling as the chance to meet people face-to-face, so contact me if you’re interested:

  • May 10th I’ll be at the Oracle Dev day in Austin on the “Web Services and BPEL” track. I’m hoping to bone up on Oracle’s BPEL and WS offerings. For me, this kind of low level stuff is invaluable for the “wing-tip” analysis I do. Also, I’ll get to hang out with one of my friends and former BMC coworkers, The JC. If you’re an Austin dev, I’d look into going to this as it’s free: it’s kind of a like a cheap conference you can go to. It can’t hurt to know what Oracle’s up to and meet the people who’ll be there.
  • May 15th to May 20th: I’ll be at JavaOne. I’ve padded the my stay a day on either end to get a chance to visit with my man Mason. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to meet several of you at JavaOne, so please contact me if you’ll be around. And don’t think I’ve forgotten your offer to buy a round, Mr. Wall ;>
  • June 11th to June 13th I’ll be the Microsoft Server and Tools Business Analyst Summit 2006, which is part of TechEd 2006.

See ya there!

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  1. good job Cote. i asked you to snuggle up to Oracle. This is a good way to do just that.

  2. Hey Cote. I'll be down in SF at the same time for the Ajax Experience, DCamp, Netbeans Days and Javaone. I'm sure we can find time for a pint somewhere in there. Cheers.