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Getting Away from Bookmark Neutrality…?

Now, I love, without a doubt. I’ve been a long and ardent fan of it. That said, it’s become quite slow in the last year or so. I’m very excited about tagging in FeedLounge because it’s super-fast (compared to using directly). The problems with exclusively using the FeedLounge interface are that (a.) it works only in FeedLounge and (b.) you can’t enter descriptions, which I’m quite fond of.

To that end, might I suggest a pay version of that’s faster? Perhaps $50/year like FeedLounge? That seems like a good mental price-break for paying for services (flickr was around $30-45 when it first came out, right?)

I’m not interested in switching to a different platform, I’m just interested in getting the one I enjoy use to work faster, and, what the hell, I’d be happy to pay for it.

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  1. Re: entering descriptions from within FeedLounge, I think that would be a great thing for someone to add to the feature voting page. 🙂