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RedMonk Radio Episode 03 – SilverLake and Gartner, Consumer Tech Driving Enterprise Tech, Trust, Global Microbrands, Silos Suck

The second part of last week’s discussion is now available. We talk about one of my favorite trends, consumer tech driving enterprise tech…along with a passel of other topics.

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Disclaimer: it’s difficult to track all the companies mentioned in audio. For this episode, if you’d like to know which companies, orginizations, or people mentioned are clients, send us an email.

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3 Responses

  1. Finally caught up with episode 3 today – listened three times in the end due to interruptions …

    The SIlverlake discussion was interesting, specially in light of the ‘trust’ debate – I would have thought without trust Gartner’s business is shaky.

    Interesting to see a small organisation spread over continents and time zones at work … do you get face-to-face often?

  2. What happens if you decide you don't like each other? Oh that's OK – just work in different countries!

    Judging from something James let slip on one of the podcasts, I'm guessing you work from home a lot of the time? Very "future of work" indeed – any connectivity challenges in your part of the world?

  3. I didn’t actually meet Steve or James before taking the job. I met Steve about 2-4 weeks in up at the IBM Open Source summit. Not meeting them face-to-face before hiring on was very “future of work” in that respect.
    I still haven’t met James in person, but it sure feels like we have ;> Both Steve and James will be down in Austin at the end of April, so finally all three of us will be together, not only in the same time zone, but room I suspect ;>
    I’ve become quite quick with time coversions acoss time zones as you can imagine, though things like day British light savings time have screwed things up recently, and there’s always plenty of time conversion snafus.