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BEA Analyst Summit 2006: Marge Breya, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer

[See intro notes to my first post for what’s going on here.]

Alfred says she’s the most exciting speaker.

IDG survey. “Safe to share since it’s not from an analyst firm.”

“Application are soon to become content channels.” Interpretation of quote from CIO Magazine Koch quote from Feb. 2006.

We go over a bunch of IDG survey data…

Mean amounted budgeted by companies for SOA, just over $2M. “Thats says that there’s at minimal $1-2 billion” when you do the math.

Who are the thought-leaders? BEA 74%, IBM 62%, MSFT 40%.

SOA Purchase Considerations? BEA 60%, IBM 43%, MSFT 31%, ORCL 30%.

“[In the marketing force] we’re big on data-models and measuring our success in the market.”

Whole lotta numbers and bubbles.

Account Segmentation

BEA share or wallet. If we increase it to 25%, we’ll get $500M more in license revenue.

The Golden Pitch

Silos of frozen enterprise assets… Nice visual of frozen silos of Division A-C.

How difficult it is to get data from your corp. IT systems. Most stuff runs on sneaker-net Excel platform.

Single view of what you need in the company. [Composite app.] “Business liquidity.” “The most treasured asset in the world is one that is liquid.” With out work, Fuego acquisition, etc., we can now offer our first business value proposition: “Business LiquidITy: BEA delivers a unified SOA platform for business transformation and optimization in order to improve your cost structure and grow new revenue streams” [Bolded characters in that quote were blue on the slide].

How? Heterogeneity. Seamless innovation. Blended Development and Deployment. Sensible Approach to SOA. “It’s all about ROI justification for the investment into the whole SOA world.”


…it’s the reality. Multiple everything. Even more so in an SOA world, we’re trying to take from in-house, legacy, and packaged apps.

app infrastructure vs. service infrastructure. City planning analogy [for SOA?]. App inf is the equivalent of building the buildings. Build for an outcome.

service inf. is for connecting the buildings and neighborhoods together. “onramps to business process highways.”

Mapping BEA products to the stack/city planning idea.

“This year we will have about 12 releases of products. Many of these are dot releases.” Someone behind me goes “wow.”

6 product lines within AquaLogic [whoa!]

Composer…composition environment…available roughly a year from how.

Tuxedo “the award winning platform that unlocks legacy applications and extends them to a SOA.” Release later this year. Native WS.

WebLogic. Take it to 9.2…in the fall 9.5: EJB 3.0. JEE 5. With acquisition of SolarMetric, we’ll have a real edge in this market. In the fall, you’ll hear a little about virtualization tools.

Blended Development

Best of OSS and BEA products. (Struts, Spring, Tomcat, Linux, Beehive, Kodo) + BEA WLS = (Best Practices, Certified Support, Fully Integrated, Enterprise-Class). With WLS console, we can manage Tomcat better than Tomcat itself.

This is how we can get into OSS without an acquisition strategy.

Customers have mandates to use OSS, but then there’s corner cases…[where BEA sells into]…to have the safety of WLS and the [something] of OSS.

What about SOA?

Not just one project, a series of projects…

BEA’s suggested SOA approach: pick your starting point, plan with a 2-3 year vision, execute project-by-project, approach SOA on six dimensions.

Bruce Graham intro’ed the 6 dimensions last year: biz and strategy process, architectures, building blocks, projects and apps, organization and governance, cost and benefits (all in a pie graphic).

They have an SOA readiness assessment. [Dude, enterprise vendors are BIG into assessment things. But, of course, right? Even the Scientology crowd understands the power of the initial assessment, they just use those silly cans on wires instead of white-papers…and they’re a bit more nefarious that vendors, of course…pardon the analogy…back to The Big Red Notebook]

Time for a video! This is our new video. Take “think liquid message” into a more customer / tangible form.

[Now it’s up to get my power supply real quick-like…then some panels. The Spring dude will be one one of them, and you know I’m looking forward to that, dear readers.]

I think they’re playing Franz Ferdidnand now…

Disclaimer: BEA is a client, and paid for me to come to this conference.

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