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SXSW Music

I didn’t get a ticket early enough for SXSWi, but Kim managed to swipe up some wrist-bands for the music. That starts tonight, friends.

As I was telling Simon Phipps and Sara Dornsife over a nice, lengthy, and fun lunch today — over some lovely Home Slice Pizza…making sure we got the full South Austin trendy effect ;> — my wife Kim put together a calendar of events for us before I had the chance to click. That’s how excited she is.

If you’re going to be down there, give me a call or a txt msg. Even better, if you have recommendations or find something good, I’d love to hear about it. You can get a sense of what I like from my page. I’ll try to dodgeball my locations while I’m downtown, so be sure to add me if you’re interested in ad hoc hanging out ;>

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