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More on Enterprise Agile

Here are some highlights from comments and blogs about Enterprise Agile. This is by no means a complete list of all the great points people have been making, just a few.

Much more to come…

The Not So Agile Legacy

Kevin had this to say about iteritivly building applications when there’s an existing code base:

A business app, on the other hand, is more like designing a word processor for someone who’s used Microsoft Word 95 for the last decade, and needs you to support 90% of what it does while adding new features.

Jaime put it this way:

My take is that if you have a very granular code, you could actually fit a module into a two week development – testing – regressive testing and backout testing cycle but, c’mon, most applications aren’t all that modular.


Brandon wrote this great analogy in a detailed re: post:

Enterprise software is more like a marathon then a sprint.

Which is a great twist on terminology.

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