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Must Read Blogs?

(If you’re not into the navel-gazing chatter, feel free to skip this post.)

Oddly enough, I feel that I do less of a good job keeping up with my feeds than I did before that was part of my job. It’s probably just my perception, as many of you have noted, that I should be doing “more” now that I’m self-directed in my day-to-day job. That is, people who are self-directed never feel like they’re done because no one’s there to tell them so, lacking some sort of GTD-like system to give them that feed-back.

To that end, as ever, I’m coming up with new strategies for blog reading. The first spike I want to do is to divide up my feeds into “Must Read No Matter What,” “Should Read,” and everything else. This is no “Beyond Mark All Unread” solution, but I think it will calm my nerves.

Thanks to the tagging in FeedLounge — where you can put feeds in multiple folders, unlike bloglines where you can put a feed in only one folder — this should be too disruptive to my subscriptions.

My question to all of you, dear readers, is: which feeds would you put in the “Must Read No Matter What” folder? I have plenty of my own ideas which I’m putting into effect, but I’m interested in compare it to what other people think. Once it settled down, I’ll post what they ended up being, and we can further compare notes.

As ever, what I’d really like is something along these lines that was feed by what my “friends” are reading and updated in realtime…but doing it manually will work for now. I’ll have to write-up another post about thinking along those lines I’ve been having recently: a sort of “subscribe to OPML” feature.

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