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Up in Stamford

I’m up in Stamford now. jetBlue was only an hour late. No unexpected lay-overs this time.

Later this afternoon, I’ll be going to IBM’s Open Source Analyst event with Steve. I have no idea what the NDA/”what can be blogged” policy/expectations are. I’ll have to triangulate with Steve, but in our ongoing efforts to expand out all this stuff, I’ll be blogging something ;>

IBM put us up at the swanky Stamford Marriott, so if you’re in the neighborhood, give me a call (512-663-7507) for dinner, drinks, coffee (the room coffee is terrible, but free), or to shoot the breeze.

Now, the big question is: to sports-jacket, or not to sports-jacket? Tough times…

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  1. Next time you're in Stamford, consider the Greenwich Hyatt. It's one of those wacky 'trees on the inside' courtyard hotels, but rather nice (mixed wifi coverage though!). I was dubious, but everything out there is so close together that the distances weren't outrageous to the office by cab (or better, shuttle bus).