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Hello World, I'm Coté.

Nice to meet you. I’ve been involved professionally in software for over ten years, mostly on the development side of the shop. As the son of a (former) IBM employee, I’ve been personally involved in computers all my life. While I spent most of those years coding during the day, when I wasn’t programming I was glued to my screen watching, commenting on, and involved in the evolution of the tech world as the net became part of that world’s DNA.

In that sense, I’m part of the first generation to consider a networked world as the normal, expected, and necessary state of affairs. Indeed, as the very fact that I’m posting to this weblog as the first RedMonk employee proves, the net directly effects our everyday lives.

For the past 6+ years, I’ve chronicled my experiences along those lines in my weblog, Recently, I’ve added podcasting to the medium-mix as well.

Thanks to my new bosses, James and Steve, I’ve been given the chance to flip my night-life into my day-life. I’ve been infatuated with software and technology in general since my father put me in front of his IBM XT many years ago, and nothing professionally thrills me more than being able to cover, advise, and get closely involved with the people of the tech-world.

As the title of this blog suggests, my firm belief is that it’s people who drive successful technology. Without innovative developers, marketers, sales people, customers, and users, any technology would just be vapor-ware.

I’ll be seeing you soon here, in email, IM, on the phone, or through whatever medium comes along. Pardon any mess you encounter as I get things setup.

In the mean time, here’s a short bio:

Coté is an analyst at RedMonk covering enterprise software, specializing
in systems management, application development, collaborative, and
social software.

Before Redmonk, Coté worked at BMC developing the BMC Performance
Manager family of enterprise systems management products. As a senior
member of the team, Coté constantly balanced customer need and
desire, innovative development, and shipping quality product on time.

Prior to BMC, Coté worked at a wide variety of tech companies and
startups such as The Cobalt Group, Coral Technologies, and one of the
first, and still thriving, online banking companies, FundsXpress.

In addition to focusing on shipping product, Coté spent much of his
time at previous organizations specifying and improving development
and collaborative processes. At each company, he quickly became a
thought leader in not only the product’s development, but also the use
of technologies such as wikis, weblogs, RSS, search, and other
collaborative and social ideas and software. He has shared much of his
experience on his weblog, and in his
weekly podcasts.

I’ll have more meaty, interesting posts up soon. And I promise I’ll keep from talking about myself in the third person as much as possible ;>

My contact info is:

Update: I’m based in Austin, Texas, so I’m in the CST/-6 time zone.

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17 Responses

  1. Congratulations. Hope to hear more from you. Just a question though, where are you stationed (like, in what country)?

  2. Thanks! I'll look forward to talking with you as well. I've enjoyed your blog.

    And to answer your question: I'm in Austin, Texas.

  3. Welcome Cote. Drop me a line when you have a phone number and we'll have a "get to know you chat"…I'm part of the IBM Rational Analyst Relations team – so I need to put you on my radar.

    Teressa JimenezFebruary 8, 2006 @ 7:17 am
  4. Welcome Michael, good luck with it!

  5. Well, we miss you already Cote. Good luck with your new gig. And, keep tuning into

  6. Welcome, and good luck. Try to keep James out of trouble (grin).

    Bob SutorFebruary 8, 2006 @ 9:03 am
  7. Congratulations on the new position! I hope some day I am smart enough to understand what your job entails…

    Sarah GrahamFebruary 8, 2006 @ 10:42 am
  8. you're going to love Teressa, Cote – one of the best AR folks in the biz, and your first stop for all things Rational.

    and Jaime is one of our super-platinum commenters – highly recommended subscribing to his blog if you don't already.

  9. Spent time reading your old blog and realized what I have been missing. Gotta get you on my blogroll asap. You rock. Best wishes in working for RedMonk. Having the ability to work with two extremely qualified analysts is a privelege. Maybe one day I will be so lucky…

  10. So I guess you are no longer 'retired' 🙂

    I've enjoyed your previous writing and podcasts, so looking forward to some 'monk stuff.

    Tell Stephen to bring you to Orlando on his next trip.

  11. Look forward to some keen insights, Cote. No pressure 🙂

  12. Glad to see you joining a top analyst firm, Cote. I am an Enterprise Application Architect at a large enterprise, and count on guidance from your colleagues – looking forward to your contributions!

  13. Thanks to everyone for the welcomes. I'll be writing up what the job entails as time goes on, so hopefully we'll smarten Sarah right up ;>

  14. I guess you are no longer 'retired' 🙂

    I've always enjoyed your blog and podcasts so I am looking forward to some 'monk stuff.

    Tell Stephen to bring you to Orlando on his next trip

  15. Congratulations on the new gig Cote.

  16. Welcome, Coté. You've joined a great team – that I'm a big fan of – and I look forward to seeing RedMonk evolve because of your participation. Congrats on a great new job.

  17. Congratulations Cote, I look forward to your insight and understanding….

    Nigel FortlageFebruary 10, 2006 @ 7:55 am