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Browser Stats (or, Mac People Hate Me)

Can I play too (and rip off Ryan’s tables)?

Browser Visits
Firefox 59.30%
Internet Explorer 26.04%
Safari 5.44%
Mozilla 5.06%
Opera 2.08%
Operating System Visits
Windows 59.46%
Linux 23.82%
Unknown 12.02%
Mac 2.44%

Stats are collected by Statcounter, and are a snapshop of the last 5,000 visits.

Can you say self-selecting audience?

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  • Geof F. Morris

    So it’s Alex and I on the Mac side, huh? ;)

    [I actually don’t click through much because I don’t comment much.]

  • sogrady

    pretty much just you guys holding down the fort ;)

  • Andy Fundinger

    I skew your numbers by keeping my blog reader on the Linux laptop which is connected by Synergy to the Mac Desktop. I wonder how many others use multiple OSs but skew numbers by putting their blog reader on a particular box?

  • Mike Dolan

    So you post led me to actually check my own stats – 46% of my last 10,000 visitors were using Linux; 48% Windows. If only that were true for the whole Internet! In time, in time… My Google analytics stats actually show iPhone in the OS report…

  • Thomas Bjelkeman

    Why would more than half the Safari browsers not report their OS? (I suppose I should ask my buddy Björn, he works with this stuff every day.)

    I use a Mac too, well several actually.