Browser Stats (or, Mac People Hate Me)

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Can I play too (and rip off Ryan’s tables)?

Browser Visits
Firefox 59.30%
Internet Explorer 26.04%
Safari 5.44%
Mozilla 5.06%
Opera 2.08%
Operating System Visits
Windows 59.46%
Linux 23.82%
Unknown 12.02%
Mac 2.44%

Stats are collected by Statcounter, and are a snapshop of the last 5,000 visits.

Can you say self-selecting audience?


  1. So it’s Alex and I on the Mac side, huh? 😉

    [I actually don’t click through much because I don’t comment much.]

  2. pretty much just you guys holding down the fort 😉

  3. I skew your numbers by keeping my blog reader on the Linux laptop which is connected by Synergy to the Mac Desktop. I wonder how many others use multiple OSs but skew numbers by putting their blog reader on a particular box?

  4. So you post led me to actually check my own stats – 46% of my last 10,000 visitors were using Linux; 48% Windows. If only that were true for the whole Internet! In time, in time… My Google analytics stats actually show iPhone in the OS report…

  5. Why would more than half the Safari browsers not report their OS? (I suppose I should ask my buddy Björn, he works with this stuff every day.)

    I use a Mac too, well several actually.

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