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Ok, I’ll Play

So Bill tagged me. Seeing as I’m at the airport absurdly early – as usual – why not play along? Five things about me (that you (probably) didn’t know before):

  1. Top 10 Bands I listen to:
    According to Pearl Jam, Eels, Van Morrison, Frank Black, The Detroit Cobras, Beck, Pedro the Lion, Guided by Voices, Modest Mouse, Fatboy Slim
  2. Rubber Band:
    I wear a rubber band on my left wrist until it breaks, then replace it with the first one I find. I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember, and there are no exceptions (unless it’s too small, wide, or a funny color). And before you ask, yes I know it’s weird, and no you shouldn’t snap it.
  3. Favorite Domestic Chore:
    Splitting wood, by far.
  4. Cut and Paste:
    While a senior in college, a friend had to explain the concept of cut and paste to me. Three times.
  5. Nosejob:
    Also while in college, I narrowly avoided having to get plastic surgery after cutting out a massive hunk of flesh off the bridge of my nose via helmet. Most people can’t tell now, except for the fact that it burns very easily.

Following the protocol, I’ll tag:

Alex, Dave, Donnie, John, and Stephe. Sorry gents.

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