Redmonk Immunio XSS moderated screencast

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Stephen O’Grady, Principal Analyst and Co-Founder, RedMonk
Roman Shaposhnik, Director, Open Source, Pivotal


Domain Drewitz, Director, Product Marketing, Pivotal Big Data Suite


Is your company looking to transform digitally? More enterprise executives are realizing that an active open source software strategy is critical to transforming their business in the software-driven economy. While developers may rejoice, other parts of the organization may struggle with what this means for their processes and role requirements.

Join RedMonk analyst, Stephen O’Grady, and Pivotal’s Director of Open Source, Roman Shaposhnik, to learn:

– Why open source is critical to digital transformation
– What best practices to follow to avoid pitfalls
– Where you should start to make changes and gain quick wins

By the end of this webinar you should have a high-level checklist for 2016 to make open source software support your digital transformation vision.

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