RedMonk and America’s Most Livable City

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Fore St in the Old Port

Originally uploaded by sogrady

I’m tempted to say I told you so, actually. I mean, this is hardly the first time you’ve heard me talk about real Portland – better known to some of you as the one in Maine. As well as, henceforth, America’s Most Livable city. Yup, you read that right. The country’s most livable city is here in Maine.

And so is RedMonk, as of this week. There’s some lease work pending, but barring any unforeseen issues, RedMonk is once more a Maine based organization. Which is an upgrade, according to Forbes: our old home, Denver, was a mere 11 on the list. Just kidding Denver kids: you know I love your town.

Anyway, for the foreseeable future, I will be working more or less full time out of the office here in the Old Port (summer may see me out of the home office a bit more), about three blocks from where this picture was taken. Before you ask: yes, I’ll get pictures of the office – which is painted in a very interesting green and yellow combo – up eventually. But for now, what’s important for you guys to know is that I’m a quick ride up from Boston, I’m on East Coast time, and I’m no longer commuting. The last part in particular should be very good for the activity level around here, which has suffered as I’ve lost two plus hours a day to the car.

Questions, problems, suggestions, comments or whatever: you know where to find me. And, of course, be sure to look me up if you make it up to Maine: there’s a sushi place, an Indian place, a pizza place, a dive bar, and two seafood places within two blocks.

Pick your poison.

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  1. Actually, I will be in Portland in late May (well, Sebago Lake). Might have to catch a Sea Dogs game.

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