The Maine Plan

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Shipwreck Lane

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It’s just about that time again. Only this year, if I hadn’t planned to head back east, it’s possible that some folks would have taken matters into their own hands and deported me in hopes of better weather. The late April snowshower today really didn’t help my case.

Anyway, my personal forecast for the upcoming week is not enviable. Unlike last year, the plan for this summer is to rent out my loft (if you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll hook you up with my realtor), ergo everything that’s in it – with the exception of the furniture – needs to not be in it. Moving is never fun. Neither are vet visits. Or the subsequent flight with the justification for the vet visit.

One other change from last year: I’m not driving the car out. Besides rescuing you from two days of excruciatingly boring commentary here or on Twitter, I regain two days of my life. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. The primary reason for this decision, however, was neither of those benefits, but simple economics.

Encouraged by my brother, I got a quote for unenclosed shipping of the car: $1,050. Which seems painful, until you start doing some basic math:

(2114 miles @ ~28.5 MPG @ ~$4/gal (premium fuel)) + 2 nights in hotels + 2.5 days food + ~1.5 speeding tickets = expensive

Conservatively estimated, the trip cost would approach $900. Throw in the savings in wear and tear on the car, and the economics work. At least they do when the cost of a full tank is virtually indistinguishable from my mortgage payment.

Oh, for the Web 2.0 people in the audience, I picked my shipper based on user ratings: specifically the reviews from here.

Several of you have requested specifics on the timing of the trip, so here’s what’s been worked out so far.


With luck, my car is picked up by the shipper on one of these days and begins its lazy journey east.


A bit after midnight, which is technically Friday morning, Az and I will be hopping a JetBlue red eye out to Portland via JFK. This is going to be just as fun as it sounds.


Get the basic office pieces up and running in Maine; most importantly, the DSL. Speaking of, if any of you have good recommendations for higher range routers/access points, drop me a line. The DSL will be going in the cottage I don’t live in, and the two are separated by a couple of walls and ~70 feet.


Just like last year, I arrive in Maine only to turn right around and fly back to the other coast. My planning skills are unparalelled.

The Availability

Apart from some moving related activities between now and Thursday, and the inevitable disruption of a red eye and unsettled office Friday, my availability should not be terribly impacted by the transition.

The Return

When I come back to Denver depends, of course, on my Red Sox, and that’s not a topic I wish to discuss at the moment given the manner in which we’ve lost the last two nights. So let’s just say I’ll be back…eventually. In the nearer term, however, I may be back mid-month as I’ve been asked to sit on an open source panel over at DU on the 16th.

The Net

This week, like most such transitions, will be exceedingly unpleasant. But getting to Maine just as the dock’s put back in the water and the boat comes out of storage will go a long way to making up for it. There’s nothing quite like drifting off to the sound of lapping water and crickets close outside.

Particularly if you’re simultaneously getting bitten by black flies.


  1. SOG, you didn’t figure the likelihood of getting a ticket into the cost of the trip. 😉

  2. SOG – WRT “good recommendations for higher range routers/access points” please let me know what you find. As I blogged in recently, my secondary home office now suffers the same fate – CPU2DSL separation. Same for my cordless phone. I need about 300′-400′ with a couple of walls in between.

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