The Sun Sets on Another Holiday Season

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sunset over cherry creek

Originally uploaded by sogrady

Yeah, yeah, I’m two days late with this. So what’s new?

After a too brief two week respite, I got back on the horse Monday morning and have been scrambling ever since. As expected. The break was something of a recharge, although I really need to start using vacation time for something other than domestic chores or driving across the country.

Still, it was a reasonably productive two weeks, during which I became even more addicted to the new iPhone (the inset picture was taken with it), met with a realtor about renting out the loft for the summer months and Democratic National Convention, and continued the massive purge of material goods with another three trips to Goodwill. Oh, and a friend and I brewed a batch of IPA, which – if we haven’t screwed it up too badly – will be ready for consumption in 6 weeks.

What I did on my winter vacation, and so on.

This week’s RedMonk news should be well received by our customers, if no one else: we’ve added support in the admin/operations arena. While we’re known for doing some things quite well over here, administration has not – to put it kindly – traditionally been one of those things. But as of Monday we now have dedicated if part time help for our back office operations. Please join me in welcoming Marcia to our motley crew.

Customers, feel free to rejoice. I know I will be.

Some more RedMonk news – of the local variety – will be dropping probably late next week. Which I’m also thrilled about.

But now it’s time to get back to the grind: it’s a four call day here at the home office. Back to regular posting shortly.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog last night on Ireland.

    I notice you got a little flickr image in your post, like I’m wont to do. I have a greasemonkey script that builds me the HTML for those, here: http://muellerware.org/projects/getfwa/

  2. Come on man, recipe! 6 weeks is a little short isn’t it?

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