Back in San Francisco

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view from the W

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So I’m back in San Francisco. Yes, again. Worse for you, I’ll be back next week. I did warn you that I was only half kidding when asking whether anyone wanted to rent out their apartment.

This week’s event is the Salesforce.com conference (I’m sorry, I simply can’t say Dreamforce with a straight face, it reminds me of the Nightmare on Elm Street movie), and it’s been excellent so far. Not that you’d expect differently, when this is the view out of my hotel room and the phrase “platform as a service” figured prominently in CEO Mark Benioff’s keynote this morning.

Before I get to the Salesforce.com post, however, I need to alert all Bay Area residents to (yet) another RedMonk event. This time, with food. Thanks to Dopplr (drop me a line if you need an invite), I was alerted to the fact that Sun’s Sara Dornsife would be in town on a coinciding trip, and we agreed to get beers. And given that we’d be getting beers, food seemed like a good idea.

And so you’re all invited. Venue is TBD (suggestions welcome) The Chieftain on 5th and Howard, timing is 8 tomorrow evening. After dinner, we will proceed to the House of Shields because it’s closer to the hotels. Drop me a line for details, or watch this space as I’ll update when I have specifics.

Otherwise, if you’re at the conference tomorrow, feel free to track me down. I’ve got meetings the middle part of the day, but the afternoon is mostly open.

Update: updated the venue for tonight’s affair.

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