Presentation Tools, Parties and More

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Lots happening here in Portland, but not a lot of time to document, packed as my schedule is with conversations, meetups and, yes, parties.

Speaking of, I’ll be hitting the MySQL/Zend event this evening at the Doubletree early, procuring dinner at some point along the way, and will close the evening at the RedMonk afterparty for which we now have a venue. As Kell’s Irish Pub has treated us very nicely the past two nights, I see no reason not to head back there.

So to hang w/ the cool kids, head to Kell’s after your first party or two. I’ll be there around 10 PM or so. Ran into Eclipse’s Mike Milinkovich, and he’s in, as is Jabber’s Joe Hildebrand and the usual cast of characters.

You may have noticed above that I’ve uploaded my presentation into Slideshare, and I may yet play around with some of the audio synchronization features. Let me know what you think of that.

Beyond the means of distributing slides, I’m beginning to ponder a future that doesn’t include OO.o as my presentation authoring tool. It’s just not a great tool for the job. The question is, what would be better? Luis has a few nice things to say about S5, but I’m more impressed at this point by Openhanded’s neat little OPT application which Jeff introduced me to. That may be a real option for me a.) if Michael is right and a simple reboot will solve the projector problem for me, and b.) if the Poppler hack that will enable OPT to speak PDF works.

Anyway, I have to go check into the Monaco, so more later.


  1. Does opt actually do anything besides make your transitions shiny? I agree that s5 isn’t a practical choice for anyone except a CSS guru, but it actually has ‘useful features’ (dual-head presentation mode, print output, notes display, etc.) if you can make a good theme.

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