And Back to Denver We Go…

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Summer Office

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The ostensible purpose behind my visit back to Denver this week is that I have a couple of matters to attend to back home; matters that require my physical presence. The truth of the matter, however, is that like my fellow Mainers I’ve had more than enough of the terrible weather that strolled in after Memorial Day, made itself at home, and never left. For the good of all New England, I’m going to try and drag the awful weather with me back to Denver and leave it there. Rain, after all, is always welcome on the dry Colorado plains. The logistics are as follows.


Morning morning will find me at the brand new summer office (pictured at right), and sometime around midday I’ll be heading to Portland to catch JetBlue’s afternoon flight to JFK. From there I’ll hop over to Denver, and I should be back to my fall-through-spring home a bit before 11, I think.


Will be working out of the Denver office on Tuesday, and meeting a friend for dinner Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning, I’ll be tied up down south of town, and then working out of the Denver office in the afternoon. Late Wednesday night – or, more accurately, Thursday morning – I’ll be catching the red eye back east, stopping over in JFK and then bouncing up to Portland.


I’ll be hitting the Portland airport sometime before 11, and will head straight from there to the office. How long I stay will depend 70% on workload and 30% on how tired I am. Worst case, I can always nap in the office. Either way, it won’t be a terribly long day. Friday, I’ll be back in the office.

As always, if you need to get in touch while I’m traveling I recommend my Grand Central number – 617.395.5685. I’m hoping to have a direct line available to me this week which I’ll be able to connect in, but in the meantime Grand Central will patch you through to the office number in Denver and my cell.


  1. Steve: If the rain-taking-to-Denver works, I may pay your airfare to North Alabama!

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