Call Me Crazy

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Curt can’t believe that a.) we’re playing a day game at 10:05 AM, and b.) that the game is sold out. With respect to the first point, I concur. What are we, dairy farmers? Do they know what time I’m going to have to get up to get there on time?

With respect to the second, well, I plead guilty to the charge of crazy fan. I’ll be flying 2000 miles and driving another 200, just to sit in the high winds and rain for a game that has maybe a 40% chance of being played. Worse, I count myself lucky for the opportunity. While I might be able to argue the case that I’m not (yet) afflicted with something out of the DSM-IV, I’m fairly sure that I’d lose if it came to trial. So let’s settle. You can call me crazy, I won’t argue.

As one of my friends once observed, there aren’t a great many things I care about, but the things I care about, I really care about. That’s about as good an explanation as any.


  1. There are far worse and unhealthier obsessions. Hell, I’m just guilty that you’re getting to go and that I’m still not sure when I’m making it up to GABP this summer.

  2. A woman I just recently started dating asked me what I found so interesting about baseball.

    I sputtered on passionately but incomprehensibly for about 10 minutes & afterwards I wondered if she would ever would want to see me again. (apparently she does although I think its a little early to actually take her to a game).

    “there aren’t a great many things I care about, but the things I care about, I really care about.” covers it about as well as any.

    Stephen: I look forward to meeting you at the MySQL conference next week, I’m just disappointed that the Giants will be away & we won’t be able to share a game at AT&T Park.

  3. Geof: that’s true, although i don’t know that some of my past girlfriends would agree with you. as for GABP, hopefully soon to catch the Hamilton phenomenon.

    Steve: i make no claims to have the right answer to that question – as it’s probably somewhat dependent on the individual anyhow – but the way i generally answer it (i’ve been asked it *a lot*) is this:

    i like the sport for many reasons: the fact that it makes me think of summer, the fact that it’s unique among pro sports in that the stars of yesteryear would be stars today, the fact that it’s got genuine history, the fact that it, only slightly less than soccer, is an international game, and so on.

    but the number one reason i love baseball is that it connects me back to generations of my family. it’s a link to my parent’s generation, my grandparent’s generation and beyond. there’s nothing like bonding with family at an event by sitting around listening to or watching a ballgame. even after my grandfather got alzheimers, we could still sit around and talk baseball because that he remembered.

    it means a lot to me, in other words.

    anyway, look forward to seeing you at the MySQL conference and let’s try and catch a Giants game later this summer.

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