Denver Tech Meetup This Thursday?

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When all is said and done, scheduling may be my all-time least favorite activity. Ok, not really, but it’s close. Case in point: this month’s Denver Tech Meetup. Many of you have been kind enough to check in with your availability via comments and IM, but as near as I can determine everyone’s available on different days. So my options are: a.) pick a day and see if a quorum – read: two or more of you – can make it, or b.) push until next month.

While I was leaning towards option B, given the fact that I’ll (in theory) only be in Denver for another two months before I head back East for the summer, I feel compelled to cram as many Tech Meetups in as we can.

So for now let’s plan on this Thursday, around 6 – 6:30 PM. I can’t do Tuesday any longer, and Wednesday’s a bad day for one of our regulars. Because of the way they treated a friend of mine, the Wazee Supper Club is out as our go-to venue. So let’s plan instead on meeting at My Brother’s Bar on 15th and Platte St (right next to the REI mothership and, conveniently, I-25).

For those of you unfamiliar with said establishment, it’s the oldest bar in Denver and very, well, old school. If you’ve lived in NYC before, My Brother’s Bar is sort of the Denver equivalent of the Corner Bistro – particularly when it comes to the food. It does have some parking, and it’s usually pretty simple to park along Platte St as well. One additional note: if you’re one of the folks eyeing The Hive co-op office space, this is a good opportunity for you to scout the local area (you’ll love the Vitamin Cottage grocery store, I promise), as My Brother’s Bar is directly across the intersection.

Do me a favor and let me know if you guys can make it, and I’ll see about getting us some space over there. Maybe, if we’re lucky, on the excellent patio out back, assuming the weather holds up. Hope to see as many of you as possible for a good warmup to the St. Patrick’s Day main event.


  1. I’m in. Is My Brother’s Bar really the oldest? I thought the Buckhorn Exchange had liquor license #1 in Colorado. Maybe it’s technically outside Denver, though.

    Note to people who haven’t been to MBB before: THERE IS NO SIGN OUTSIDE. It’s the nondescript brown building on the South corner. It’s worth finding for the great beer selection and the JCB: Jalepeño Creamcheese Burger.

  2. Dang, I’d love to make it… but we’re still in Texas (SXSW) on Thursday.

  3. Having heard about this through Alex King’s blog, I’m interested in showing up – let me know if that’s not cool.

  4. Joe: outstanding. look forward to seeing you there.

    Justin: sorry to hear it – we’ll hope to catch you at the next one.

    John: absolutely cool. the Denver Tech Meetup is open to all, all the time. the more the merrier, and all that. also hope Michael Fierro, who commented on the last tech meetup related entry also sees this.

  5. I’m interested too, I missed the last one. It doesn’t sound like you can go wrong with a Jalepeño Creamcheese Burger either.

  6. Hi, I’ve never attended a Denver Tech Meetup (though I’ve gone to several in Boulder). I’m going to try and make it for this one, schedule permitting.

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  8. Oops, I just saw sogrady’s comment! I really need to read more closely. 🙂

  9. just found out about this from alex this am… would love to attend but my 6 year old’s b-day party is tonight. i’ll be on for the next one! bummed i’ll be missing out on throwing back creamcheese burgers w/ joe.

  10. Ugh. I’ve come down with something nasty and am leaving work early because of it, so I’m afraid I’m going to be a no-show to the meeting. Sorry about that.

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  12. Shoot, I love My Brother’s Bar and I love talking tech, unfortunately you did pick the wrong day for me. For the last 4 years, my buddies and I meet at Champps and watch March Madness all day!

    Let me know about the next one and I’m there.


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