Flogging Molly Hits Boulder

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Flogging Molly @ Boulder Theatre

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If not for Google Calendar, I would have undoubtedly missed last night’s show as I’d somehow convinced myself that it was tonight. But fortunately I got an SMS around 8 saying that I was supposed to be at the Boulder Theater, and managed to make it up there by 10 to catch Flogging Molly‘s entire set.

While their music isn’t for everyone, Dave King and the gang put on the best show I’ve been to since Sigur Rós was in town. The Boulder Theater was absolutely packed. Pretty diverse crowd, from chains and mohawks to preppy college attire to Irish national team jerseys, but everyone got along well (except for the idiot that got kicked out for chucking a bottle off the balcony). Great mix of folks, great energy. Few pictures, unfortunately, because the cameraphone couldn’t really hack the lighting.

The performances that I enjoy the most – whether music, sporting or otherwise – are by performers who honestly seem to enjoy what they do. I’ve seen bands that enjoy performing perhaps as much Flogging Molly – Pearl Jam comes to mind – but not a one that enjoys it more. Whether it was good natured bitching about the thin air of Boulder or crowing over Ireland’s recent win over England in Croke Park (yes, the crow/Croke thing is intentional), King kept the crowd engaged and entertained.

All in all, a great show. Highly recommend seeing them if you like good live music or are a fan of bands like the Pogues, the Dropkick Murphy’s, or even the Pixies. If you’re curious about the band, their entire collection is on Emusic in MP3 form here; favorites of mine include The Ol’ Beggars Bush, Tommorrow Comes a Day Too Soon, To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh), or Rebels of the Sacred Heart. Enjoy.


  1. Nothing compares to Sigur live. I’d give my first born to see them live again.

  2. Missed the show this year – it seems this is at least the third time they’ve played pre-St. Pat’s Day in Colorado. Loved them 2 years ago in Denver – wish I could have made it. It’s a young crowd for me – @54 – I don’t do mosh pits! – but their music screams through my soul.

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