Sigur at the Paramount

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Thanks to the fact that one of my friends is an early bird and was able to get up at a reasonable hour on a Saturday and get tickets, I caught Iceland’s Sigur Ros at the Paramount up on 16th and Glenarm last night and all I can say is: wow. If you’ve never heard them, I can’t describe them – they’re that unique. They put on an absolutely mind-blowing show last night in a two and a half hour set, so if you get a chance to see them, my recommendation is to not miss it.

Interestingly, even the opening act was worth the price of admission. Amina, who’d I’d never heard of, played 4 of 5 tracks using a rather eclectic combination of xyophones and violins along with an Apple iBook (seriously) and a saw (not joking).

Both bands are on emusic.com, BTW, though Sigur’s last two albums at least are only on iTunes.


  1. I agree, I saw them in NYC and it was easily one of the best concerts I’ve been to. They do an excellent job of making a concert much more than just an auditory experience. For those who weren’t able to attend, the complete Reykjavík concert is available (as a stream) here: http://sigur-ros.co.uk/media/dldvideo.php

  2. thanks for linking to 18 seconds, Joel – that’s a phenomenal resource for live Sigur material, as my friend has pointed out to me previously. great reminder.

  3. laptop DJs is a big thing here in the UK.

    my first exposure to micro-house was with guys using laptops to mix live. very cool

  4. james: definitely have seen a fair number of DJ’s use laptops, but this was the first time i’ve seen a live act integrate them in quite such a central fashion. very cool.

  5. Been a big Sigur Ros fan for several years. Saw the in Las Vegas last October, flew from Denver to see them. I think Taak, their latest, is their best. They have a tune on the Vanilla Sky movie soundtrack.

    sogrady: There are these old things they used to use before I-Tunes called CD’s. You can get all kinds of music on them!

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