links for 2007-02-03

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  1. You guys get on the list because you don’t just talk the talk of transparency and openness (easy, lots of people do it); you’re walking the walk (hard, no other analyst firm does it that I know of). As a result, you understand openness on a level that no other analyst firm can match. That gets you credibility, and that gets you on my list.

    As a bonus, your transparency lends not only credibility, but also influence- there may be better analysts out there, but if there are, no one in the broader open source community is reading them because they are hiding their analysis behind the paywall. If no one else shows up to the fight, you guys win by default 🙂

    Now, all that said, if you want to point me to other analysts who are practicing and internalizing transparency, and doing it better than you are, I’ll be happy to leave you off the next list 😉

    [As far as me personally… wait for a couple weeks, I hope to be blogging a lot of Serious Stuff through the end of February. By that point I’ll have made enough of an ass of myself that I’m sure no one will touch me with a ten foot pole 😉

  2. hey, whatever the reason, we’re certainly not complaining 😉 but in all seriousness, the acknowledgment was appreciated. we do our best to give back to communities, and if we can help folks like you even superficially we’ll count that as a win.

    absolutely agree on the subject of influence and authority; if i was working for a firm that made me hide behind a pay-wall i’d be chafing at the bit.

    look forward to the upcoming Serious Stuff. coming from you, that means quite a bit.

  3. Upgrading Windows (or less so, Mac)? Impossible, because they don’t have package managers that take care of every single application you install.

  4. Donnie: exactly right; i don’t know why this is so hard for non-Linux users to grasp.

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