Twitter: Ok, I Give In

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So the latest service to take James’ notion of Declarative Living to its logical if highly unnecessary conclusion is Twitter. Essentially a sort of presence-enabled real-time microblog, it’s become quite popular amongst the digital elite. In my defense, while I subscribed early as is my custom to secure my traditional ‘sogrady’ login, I held off on actually using the service for weeks. Maybe even months, I can’t remember when it launched.

But the peer pressure was finally more than I could bear, and I’m now officially a Twitter user.

So if, like me, you’re reluctantly – or even not so reluctantly – documenting your whereabouts and current state of mind even more obsessively than you used to, I can be found here. If you’re not, but still desperately interested in such information, I advise you to either a.) seek professional help or b.) hit my homepage and scroll down a bit. I’m not as cool as DeWitt, but I am lazy.


  1. “highly unnecessary” hmm? And yet you seem to be using it rather a lot…

  2. One of us, one of us, one of us… okay in truth, none of my friends use it, so I’m pretty much just cyber stalking you and cote.

    If only I had more technically savvy friends who also enjoyed the omnipresent eye of Big Self.

  3. HA. Twitter seems to have hit some sort of critical mass this week; I’d never heard of it till yesterday, but a friend bugged me to join. I’m Kiz. The system seems buggy and is intermittantly confusing me & the friends who have been roped in.


  4. […] Yesterday, I was reading that Stephen O’Grady has given in to what he describes as “peer pressure” and signed up to Twitter. I’d vaguely heard of Twitter – mainly because it was one of the options on my Mugshot profile – but I hadn’t looked into it yet. The idea is that you simply, and regularly, post the answer to the question “what are you doing?”. […]

  5. […] been observing how it has evolved, I am actually finding out how a good amount of the folks that I normally follow through their own weblogs have also started twittering or are on the verge of trying it out […]

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