This Morning’s Keynote

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When Nat very kindly asked me to keynote at OSCON, I was duly flattered and quite excited about having the opportunity to address the audience that OSCON brings with it. Until, that is, I saw the scheduling which had me speaking along with noted, respected – and hugely entertaining – orators Simon Phipps and r0ml. I was, I thought after seeing it, screwed.

But while I’m not sure how the audience at large received my presentation, the feedback I’ve received thus far has been universally positive. And despite Simon’s best efforts to steal my thunder, and r0ml’s successful theft of the show, I had a lot of fun. And nothing got thrown at me, so that’s all good.

Soon as I’m done with mine and Dave Rosenberg’s session this afternoon, I’ll try and collect my general thoughts from the show, but in the meantime anyone who wants the slides can get them here (ODF), here (PDF), or here (PPT). Be warned, however, that they’re in the minimalist style that I’ve been using of late (I won’t insult Professor Lessig by claiming that they’re in his style) meaning that they’re not going to mean a whole lot without the audio.


  1. I really enjoyed your talk, for what it’s worth šŸ™‚

  2. awesome deck stephen. wish i was there. you rock. its increasingly a privilege to call you a colleague. I would hate to try and manage you, but luckily I don’t have to. You are creating your own business reality, and its a joy to watch.

  3. simon: thx, Simon. i have similar feelings on your talk, and from the looks of it, so did everyone else.

    james: thx much. as simon was kind enough to inform everyone ;), it was completed at the last minute. as for the business reality, that’s redmonk in a nutshell – we create our own business reality.

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