Meet Hicks

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As discussed yesterday, I hopped down to Englewood today to retrieve our V20z from the datacenter where it was colocated. Once I had it back here at RedMonk headquarters, I popped in an Ubuntu AMD64 CD and I was off to the races. Although you probably can’t make it out due to the glare, Ubuntu gives you the option of preinstalling a LAMP server from scratch – which just so happens to be exactly what I need. A couple of minutes and a restart later, and hicks was born [1]. My only complaint about the install is the lack of ssh as a default package, particularly on a server installation.

I’ve also reached a final decision on the hosting front, and that choice is Johncompanies. It was a tough decision to pick between them and the other finalist, Austin Web Development, but in the end I had to go with the provider that got more recommendations here on the site. Should I have problems with Johncompanies – which I don’t anticipate – my next stop will be Chris in Austin.

So the next steps are these:

  1. Reconfigure server with Johncompanies network information (which I hope to have soon)
  2. Ship the box to Johncompanies (hopefully tomorrow)
  3. Confirm arrival and presence of machine on network (hopefully midweek)
  4. Port redmonk.com site (hopefully midweek)
  5. Port all four blogs (hopefully late week)
  6. Cut DNS over from 1and1 (hopefully complete by Mon 12)
  7. Complete final migrations – wiki, etc (hopefully Tues 13)

What does this mean to you? With any luck, it means within about a week you won’t be receiving any of those immense frustrating errors that indicate that we’ve lost connectivity to our MySQL databases. Again.

Will keep you all posted on our progress.

[1] If anyone gets that reference, I’ll be very impressed. The only hint I’ll give you is that it has nothing to do with the slang term for rural residents.


  1. Are you naming your machines after the Marines from Aliens?

    It’s going to be a pain in the neck to keep having to type “Wierzbowski.”

  2. hahaha, that didn’t take long. mike takes first prize – i’ve already got one server apone – hicks is the second. will just have to hope i don’t get to Wierzbowski…

  3. that was ludicrously fast. one question – might it have made sense to go with Austin cos cote is actually located there? or in this new fangled world is geography really consigned to history?

  4. james: i did consider that, but really the only reason i’d need someone present at the physical hardware is either for an operating system change (not likely, and could be handled by colo staff) or a hardware problem (which cote probably couldn’t fix on his own).

    so to answer, the new fangled world really does make geography (mostly) irrelevant 😉

  5. My *first* thought was the marine. Rurals didn’t even cross my mind.

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