Five Developer Blogs You Should Read

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As should be apparent both from my bloated blogroll and my del.icio.us feed, I read a lot of blogs by developers. It’s the one area I’m still looking for new ones, in fact. One of the things I’ve discovered, however, is that just like in the greater blogosphere, traction numbers-wise seems within the developer blogs seems to be centered around a few A-List developer types, guys like Bray, Dare, Don, Matt, Miguel, Nat, Rockford, Sam, or Simon. Now I’d be the last person to tell you not to read those guys; in fact, if you’re not, you should start. Immediately. I sure do.

But there are tons of other developers out there who, at least as Bloglines has it, aren’t getting the attention they deserve (under 100 subscribers) [1]. So periodically I’ll try and surface some of my favorites (in other words, if you’re on my Blogroll and have

  • Alan Taylor
  • Christopher Baus
  • Francis Shanahan
  • John Sequeira
  • Ryan Tomayko

    It’s not that their blogs are strictly developer focused – they’re not [2] – but that they bring interesting perspectives to various developer related issues and/or are working on very cool projects. Basically, these are well worth reading in addition to your normal A-List browsing.

    [1] Keep in mind that like my own space, these guys may well have alternative feeds that have well over 100 subscribers – and a hell of a lot more than I have. The only metric I’m going by is bloglines number for the feed I subscribe to. For any of the folks mentioned, if that’s the case, I hope you don’t take offense.

    [2] Ryan related one of the funnier technology related anecdotes I’ve ever heard here.


    1. Good idea for a post. I've followed your example with a list of five under-subscribed developer blogs of my own. Enjoy!

    2. awesome. thx for the comment, Edward. i'll check them out, and certainly encourage other people to make similar lists b/c i am certainly still looking for good developer blogs.

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