Mapping Out Craigslist

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Some of you have probably heard the term mashup by now, which in the technical sense refers to the mixing and matching of services into composite applications that are more than the sum of their parts, but if not you’re in for a treat. Those interested in understanding the trend academically and technically would be advised to start here where Alan Taylor [1], one of the mashup pioneers if ever there was one, compiled a list of links and other resources on the phenomenon. If you just want to see it in action, read on.

Partially due to the interface but mostly because of the architecture, Google Maps has become something of a focal point for such mashup efforts. Jon Udell was one of the first out of the gate, seamlessly blending GPS data and local photos/videos with the Google Maps interface, and Google’s even gotten into the spirit itself by mashing in its Keyhole satellite imagery service.

But the latest Maps based mashup is truly mindblowing for me, because it’s useful in a way that the satellite imagery – much as I love it – cannot be. Maybe it’s that Craiglist played a critical role in my finding a new home (yes, I originally discovered it on CL) and the process of trying to fit multiple listings in unfamiliar addresses into some sort of mental map scarred me, but I think this (via Fury.com) is one of the better mashups I’ve seen. Craigslist mashed into Google Maps. Awesome.

One can only hope that the Google and Craigslist both can find a way to foster such innovations within the bounds of their terms of service.

[1] Alan’s also apparently got an excellent sense of humor.


  1. you see yourhub.com? dan gillmor says its grassroots in the area you're soon to call home

  2. i hadn't seen that, actually. will have to compare it to upcoming.org – whose denver and boulder events iCal's i've already subscribed to.

  3. This site does Craigslist and Google Maps very well.


    Very cool site, check it out.

  4. I was marching through Craigslist when I thought how wonderful it would be to view postings on a map. Thanks for the easy google search I and great title I found your article.

    Interesting stuff… it will be cool to see what other mashups will be map related in the short future with the GIS explosion

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